Lenca women live a very harsh reality, are mostly victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse are regarded as marriages and misunderstood traditions. In these Lenca communities and especially in the mountainous area of ​​our country, women have no choice but to marry, have as many children as they can conceive and care them, they serve their husbands and leave behind their aspirations and dreams. JLC managed to work with a group of women talking about the issue of self-esteem, women's rights and gender equality, this group grew and their interest in learning more was undisputed. In no time this group met continuously and became sustainable. JLC faithfully believes in the ability of the Lenca women and this group has shown this potential, this project has trained women on various topics, artistic expressions and how to be more independent and be good mother and wife while respecting their independence.

It is a very ambitious project that seek to shorten the gap of social inequality for women in these communities. But they have been short-term result that teaches us that this is an initiative that works.